Come and learn to Pole Dance with a PDC Approved Dance School!
PoleLove is about our passion for Pole Dance.

Pole dancing has come a long way in the last few years. It is now less associated with strip clubs and is being brought into gyms and the lives of everyday women. It is not about taking your clothes off for someone elses pleasure, but a fantastic way to feel empowered, and a fun way to get fit. Just for you.
PoleLove makes Pole Dancing more accessible to women. Providing an oppertunity to have a workout and a giggle with some like minded women (and men!). Pole Dancing is a great way to get fit, tone up, learn how to embrace your sensuality and boost your self confidence. The classes are also open to men who are interested in the fitness aspect that it offers.
We love Pole Dancing and the strength, confidence and flexibility that it gives. At PoleLove we understand how nerve wracking your first lesson can be, so please feel free to email with any queries or questions you may have. Above all, come and join the fun!
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